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In Diagnosis Sistémica we analyze and optimize your projects promoting sustainable solutions. We are a company that from Valencia we act in other locations and we offer our service in an excellent way remotely.

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Our mission is to enhance the best version of people, projects and spaces. Optimally we are always improving ourselves, providing solutions aligned with the best results.

By performing a systemic diagnosis, you will be able to experience the following potential benefits, because it offers relevant information in the following areas enabling its optimization:

  • Strategy.
  • Process optimization and support for targets.
  • Marketing: brand development and promotion, positioning, business design and corporate identity.
  • Financial planning, liquidity planning.
  • Investment decisions.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Human resources: personnel management, crisis management, motivation enhancement.
  • Product optimization.
  • Balancing stress factors.
  • Projections of future developments.
  • Space optimization.
  • Conflict resolution in project/company.
  • Perception of HR potential.
  • Probability assessments or predictions of very useful information on future developments.
  • Information on existing strengths or weaknesses within the company or projects.

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We offer you the most relevant information to boost your business project.

To achieve the best results, most of the time you have to start from the core, that's why we recommend starting with an individual approach. Request a demo to see the potential opportunities.


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Irene is an enthusiastic professional that thanks to her experience and approach, together with the systemic approach, has allowed me to enhance aspects with concrete results in the personal area and concrete advances in the professional. M.J.C

Improvement in physical fitness and general condition, the state is much better after a while of application. E.R.M

Since the Optimizations are being made the business is working much better; SG-G.

I have noticed a difference compared to before, during and when I have interrupted, so I have seen the effectiveness in my general condition.JP

Irene is like a Catalizer for change in the best way possible. D.A

Exterior Garden optimization in Alpine Chalet


Current location: Paseo Alameda, 65 - 46023, Valencia ES


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