Spaces From Diagnosis Systemic we offer a unique approach and exclusive attention to each client. We are a company located in Valencia that offers its services remotely to any area where you need us.


Spaces are optimized, to live better in them, that promote optimal levels of well-being.


  • Adaptation to a new space!
  • Optimize spaces for sale in optimal conditions.
  • Optimize so that the projects in territories, so that they have the best development, identifying the risks and minimizing timing planned.
  • Application to allow the conditions of Energy Certification or Green Certification to be optimal.


Tell us about your project, what is your focus of interest and we manage with you the improvement based on analysis and optimization.

Hygiene and Electro Smog

Analysis by areas:


Optimization of spaces, identifying relevant factors, neutralizing and optimizing

Feng Shui


A space can be optimized to minimize reform, construction, and sale times with the best price in the best conditions.


  • Saving time
  • Promoting the best conditions
  • and optimal price
  • Analysis of factors of environmental characteristics that may be affecting or in the future.
  • State of buildings or land.


  • Environmental quality in buildings.
  • Potential risk analysis.
  • Project human resources and optimization.
  • Projections of future developments.
  • Stress on humans and their environment.
  • environmental stress.
  • Biocides, toxins, allergens.
  • Biocides, toxins, allergens.
  • Electro Smog.
  • Geopathic stress.
  • Decomposition of bacteria, etc.
  • Environmental stress caused by mold and decomposition bacteria.
  • Analysis and balance of buildings.
  • Feng Shui architecture.
  • The science of materials.
  • Energy balance.
  • Electro Smog.
  • Geopathic stress.
  • Decomposition of bacteria, etc.


Relationship with Resources and Exterior Improvement

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