Unique approach , exclusive attention

From Systemic Diagnosis offering a customize consultancy to each person.


We can an online format in any location or a pressence format in Mallorca or Valencia and upon request.


We schedule a session, to acknowledge the specific interest of the client, offering a continuos assesment or optimation.


For the holistic Wellbeing 


We offer an exclusive analysis in the most relevant areas, in regards of the personal Wellbeing.



Sport recovery


Mental relax


Energetic improvement 


A 360ª approach for a holistic wellbeing 


Transformative affirmations


Family systemics


Harmonization of life dimensions


Recognizing and overcoming patterns.


When analyzing in the informational field, while new information is sought that can provide to restore a healthy balance on all these levels.


Studying the environment, being able to adapt to our clients the most relevant ideas for improvement to enhance the space and make it optimal.


We optimize the following patterns:

  • Environmental Stress
  • Biocides and Toxins
  • Alérgens
  • Other toxic influences
  • Higiene and electro Smog.
  • Planfication and terrain risks .
  • Feng Shui.
  • Resources environment


By freely setting points and areas, one can make an analysis and harmonization of the information field. Potential disturbances should be harmonized and restored to a regulated energy flow.


This method can be applied in various areas of life:


  • Vibrational energetic optimization of buildings
  • room clearance
  • company optimization

AreaS AnalYsis for PEOPLE wellbeing

We analyse all the factors that environmentally can affect the person:


  • Space optimization, through identifying relevant factors to neutralize and optimize
  • Buildings status or actual land conditions
  • Environmental quality in buildings
  • Potential risk analysis
  • Support in project optimization processes
  • Human resources optimization 
  • Projections of future developments
  • Analysis and balance of buildings
  • Stress in humans and their environment
  • Stress caused by electro smog
  • Stress caused by mold, bacteria
  • Optimization for property management
  • Applied Material sciences
  • Geopathic stress
  • Energy balance


Analysis and optimization in the Information Field refers to ten levels of an individual that directly and indirectly influence each other, thus affecting our bioenergetic field and well-being.


The system aims to "write" this new information into the informational field, e.g. in the form of vibrational patterns. The aim is to harmonize the imbalances in the information field.

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein


We are here to offer solutions that can surprise you. 


Our missions is contribute to the on-going improvement and innovation.


Offering the most relevant information for your business project.


To achieve the best results , we must start from the core, so we reccomend to start with an individual focus.


ASk for a  demo to get to know the potential opportunities.


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